I can’t twitter

There are a few absolute truths about me.  One of them is, I suck at writing anything that has to be really short.  These blog posts are about as short as I get, unless it’s nothing but an announcement of a story being accepted.  I just can’t put my thoughts into a tiny little package.

That’s why I don’t understand twitter.  First, I don’t have that much to say that anyone would really want to know on a daily basis.  Second, if I did want to put together some kind of twitter-length story, I know I just couldn’t do it.  At 140 characters, I could maybe describe one scene.   Finally, I don’t see the fascination with what amounts to sentence long stories.  Done as a series?  I could see that…but just one line?  Sorry, not for me.  I have trouble writing flash fiction and keeping it under 1000 words, and it’s even worse when the limit is 500!

So you’re not going to find me on twitter any time soon.  I just have to have the room to express myself.  Trying to put my thoughts in such a tiny, compartmentalized box seems counterintuitive to being a writer.  As a mental exercise, I can see it, like writing haiku, but every day to talk about the most inane bits of your life?  Not for me.


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