Finding a Market

I’ve been scouring through Duotrope these past few days trying to find a good market (that I haven’t already submitted something to) for a weird mythos based story.  So far I’m not finding any.  Arkham Tales and Innsmouth Free Press both have submissions from me pending, so I guess I’ll have to keep a lid on this one for a while.

That drives me up a wall, by the way.  When I finish a story, I’m ready to release it to the world, only to stop and have to ask, “where am I going to send this?”  Unless I’m specifically writing a story for a market (which I have done on occasion), I generally just write whatever comes to mind and hope to find somewhere that works.

I have considered putting together a bunch of related stories, not submitting them but instead using a micropress to make my own book.  It would be neat, though not quite the same thing as being published.  I’m still new to this game, so I guess we’ll see if I ever go that route.

In the mean time, I keep looking.


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