Beware the Slender Man

Do you know the Slender Man?  I was a lurker on the Something Awful forums when the Slender Man first appeared.  It really resonated with a lot of people and has become something of a phenomenon.  There are pictures, movies and mock sites dedicated to this invented legend.  It’s amazing that some Hollywood producer hasn’t figured a way to steal the idea and turn it into a major horror movie.  It seems to play very well on peoples’ fear of things just past the periphery of their senses.  The Slender Man is usually seen in fog or among trees where he blends in until at the last second, you see him and your heart skips a beat.  That’s perfect horror right there – you know something scary is there, but you can’t see it, and then suddenly, POW, there it is.

This is probably one of the best urban legend/memes the internet has spawned.  I hope it continues to take root in the collective unconscious, and I myself intend to use it as a basis for a story or two, though I will not steal the idea outright (using something as inspiration and stealing an idea are two totally different things!).

And just to end this post right, here’s a picture of Mr. Slender himself.  Can you see him?

Find the Slender Man
He's waiting for you...

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