The Hookers of Innsmouth

Ever wonder what the prostitutes in the haunted town of Innsmouth looked like?  After all, it was a port town with plenty of sailors.   How better to spread the corruption of the Deep Ones than by enlisting the help of the ladies of the night?  As long as they paid their dues to the Esoteric Order of Dagon, the elders likely looked the other way.  How many unwary sailors met horrible ends when they discovered that the good time girl they’d taken to their room didn’t have long shapely legs under her skirts, but instead sported a waist full of tentacles?  How many of them didn’t care?

What happened to those painted ladies with their satins and silks?  Did the government ship them off with the rest of the town in 1928, and if they did, how many horny army boys became infected with the Deep Ones seed?  Talk about an STD from hell.


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