A Pair of Rejections

Hot on the heels of my acceptance into the Zombie: Eyewitness anthology, I received two rejections for flash fiction pieces I’d submitted to a couple of different places.  I don’t think flash is my forte.  In any case, I’m not discouraged in the least – everything I’ve read says that unless you’re Stephen King, to expect about an 80% or higher rejection rate.  I’m batting about 50/50 right now.

I always do enjoy reading the editor comments – when it’s not a form rejection – to take some notes.  I don’t look at any of it as an attack or put down – the fact that they took time to write something to me means they read the work and at least saw something worth commenting on.  The most recent mentioned focusing more on the character and less on their actions, which was good advice (though kind of difficult in a 500 word story!).  I don’t always agree with the editors, but it’s good to know they at least care enough to say what they didn’t like, and are trying to help me be a better writer.


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