Between Sleep and Exhaustion

I’m horribly tired.  I feel like I’ve been up for days even though I slept well enough last night, and it’s not all that late.  For some reason, my batteries have drained faster than usual today.  Not even repeated shots of caffeine can bring me out of my stupor.

The bed is calling, of course, a lullaby of soft pillows and warm blankets, but I’m resisting its siren’s call for now.  I don’t want to give up any of my precious time away from work.  It’s not that I don’t like my day job; in fact, I enjoy it greatly, though I wish I was paid more, but then, who doesn’t?  It’s that I’m training, and while my trainee is a very nice woman, I have to sit back and watch her do work all day and explain things over and over again.  Stephen King said it best in Storm of the Century – “Hell is repetition.”

So I sit at the PC, the soft glow of the monitor reflecting in my glasses, my head sinking low time and again, and I put every erg of energy I have left into finishing a blog post before going to bed, just so I can say I wrote something today.  I yawn, a great bear’s yawn, and I know my consciousness is going to shut down soon.  Perhaps it’s for the best, a little extra sleep now, a better day tomorrow?  Hah, time enough for rest in the grave, if I remember my Conan the Barbarian correctly.

Off to bed I go, but do I go to dreams or nightmares?  And considering my interests, would the former truly be better than the latter?



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