It’s all in the reflexes

I haven’t been writing lately.  I do a lot of writing at work, and I’ve been training new folks which has kept me from my usual scribbling.  This isn’t an excuse, of course, because I could write at home, but video games and family commitments have kept me away from my beloved pastime.

I like to think that writing is reflexive.  That is, I write because I need to write, not simply because I want to.  I’ve started some new stories today, one of which is specifically themed for a magazine entry, and I’m going to see if I can make it work.  I’m doing so not because I want to write the story, but because I need to; I need to stoke the fire once more and return to my more industrious roots.  It’s not that I’ve been out of ideas, but more that I just can’t seem to get everything down in a reasonable manner.

The training lasts the rest of this week, but hopefully soon I can start cranking out some new stories and finish some old ones I’ve been meaning to complete.


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