Back on the Bandwagon

It’s been a few weeks since I seriously sat down and wrote.  I’ve been able to do so the last couple of days and it feels wonderful.  I cranked out a submission for SNM Horror Magazine’s August issue which I hope will be accepted.  It’s a gritty post-zompocalpse story about what people will do to survive.

Today I started a story about a man who kills ghosts.  This will be the first story to incorporate my “quantum theory of ghosts” background, which basically states that ghosts are not the souls of the dead, but rather an impression left in the sub-atomic structure of the universe by deeply emotional reactions.  There’s plenty of pseudo-science for this one, and I’ve been kicking it around in my head for a while.  This will be the first story featuring a recurring character who deals with ghosts for a living.

In other news, I have finished reading World War Z by Max Brooks and will be working on a review for the site soon.  I can sum up the review here before I even write it: damn this was a good book.  I want to get the audio version of it as well – I’m told there are a lot of famous people who do parts, including Alan Alda and Mark Hamill.

I’ve also picked up reading Stephen King’s IT again.  It’s my favorite King novel.  It’s such a densely packed narrative that presents to you a whole complete world and not just a story.  I admit I saw the ABC miniseries first, and it certainly inspired me to read the real book, but I appreciate how much more is in the book than in the miniseries.  The book brings memories of my own home town, and at the same time mixes those pleasant images of childhood with a Lovecraftian horror (and make no mistake, IT is Lovecraftian – a horror from beyond the stars that drives you insane when you see it?  Yeah, that’s Lovecraft people!).  Others might like the Dark Tower better, but IT is still the book I will always think of when I think of Stephen King.


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