There is a feature on Wikipedia that not many people seem to know about.  On the left side control panel, under Print/Export is the option “Create a Book”.  This allows you to begin adding wiki pages to a list which you can then order as you like and add chapter headers.  Once you have selected all the pages you want, you can then either download your new book (in PDF or OpenOffice format) or you can have it printed and bound as an actual book!

For writers, this is a great way to put together some basic research in an easy to use format.  I save my projects as PDF and keep them handy when I need to look something up and don’t have access to wiki itself.  Also, seeing things put together like that helps to keep the information correlated in your head.

It’s a great feature, though I will warn that I have on occassion had it lose a project I’m working on, dumping all the carefully chosen articles and I have to start over.  Avoid anything with a apostrophe in the name!


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