Highest Ratings Ever for The Walking Dead

If you missed AMC’s premier of the new series The Walking Dead, shame on you.  It was a powerful, wonderfully done opening to what I hope will be a long run for the show.  That hope is fostered by the news that the show brought the highest ratings for an AMC show ever, 5.3 million viewers!  That’s incredible for a cable network, especially one that until a few years ago was known only for rerunning movies that people would often laugh about being on “American Movie Classics”.  It even beat out the previous record holder, Mad Men, which premiered it’s latest season with 2.9 million viewers.

I was part of a discussion on Fark.com about the premier, and I can say that the only complaints I saw were from people who thought it was too similar to 28 Days Later, which is funny since the original source, the comic book, was published about the same time as that movie, and both were in development for years before that.  I had no issues with the episode other than wanting to see more right away!  The effects are top notch, the story is tight and unwinding at a good pace, and the acting was on a par with any movie I’ve ever seen.

The show has already been picked up for a second season, this one 13 episodes instead of the measly six we’re getting this year.  Let’s hope the numbers remain this good, in which case could see a third season lined up before the second starts.


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