Issues of a Personal Nature

I’ve been going through a lot lately.  I was hospitalized for a week for something I won’t discuss.  It’s been a pretty big change in my life.  My wife of the past ten years has also told me she plans to divorce me.  This was a pretty big blow to me, and I’ve been alternating between denial and acceptance for a week now.

Today, I’ve made the commitment to let her go.  We’ve grown apart as people, and there are things I’ve done she can’t forgive, and things she’s done that I can’t forgive.  The ties the bound us together have frayed and finally snapped.  Still, we are not parting as enemies, but as friends.  We intend to continue being friends, and the divorce will be as amicable as possible for both of us.

I’m now looking for a new place to live, moving around the beginning of next year, and I’ll be keeping one of our two cats.  I think this may be good for me, because I can finally focus on writing in the evenings, and I will only be responsible to myself and my silly old cat.  Still, it’s frightening and worrisome.  In the end I hope it will turn out well, and I think it will, but it’s a time of great change for me.

In the meantime, I will continue to write, post here as my journal and conscience, and continue to submit stuff for publication.  In time, all wounds heal.


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