My Time in Fishnets

For about a year between 1992 and 1993 I was a member of the “Front Row Players” in the Graceland Twin Cinema production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Columbus, Ohio.  I played Doctor Scott and occasionally other roles as needed.

For the virgins out there, Rocky Horror is a cult movie that is acted out as the movie plays on the screen, and the audience yells out various funny call-backs.  It’s something of a phenomenon, having gone on now for thirty years.

I got into Rocky during my freshman year of college, and I think it was Rocky that opened my mind to the possibilities of being someone more than I had thought I could be.  The refrain, “Don’t dream it, be it,” became something of a mantra for me, though it wasn’t one that would find fruition for nearly two more decades when I somehow found the courage to start sending out my writing for publishing.

The Rocky crowd was something like a circus, a family tight knit and defensive of its own members, but also freaks that sometimes made people laugh and other times made them nervous.  We were thrown out of restaurants for appearing in costume and acting like idiots.  Sex, booze, drugs…that was all part of Rocky.  It became like a drug itself, and I came to look at Friday and Saturday nights as my weekly fix.

In the end, clashing personalities, work schedules and general burn out led to me dropping the weekly trip down to the theater.  The theater itself closed down about a year later, though Rocky survived, first moving south of town, and then to Studio 35 where it’s been for several years now.  But I will never forget those crazy nights in fishnets, running around without a care in the world, getting felt up and feeling up strangers, all like a halcyon dream.

Remember, don’t dream it, be it.


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