Blood, Guts, Gore and Chocolate

Tis the season to be writing…

What am I currently working on?  Well, first I just submitted a story to SNM Horror Magazine for their January issue.  The issue is for authors previously published by SNM, and the stories are pieces that didn’t quite fit any of the monthly themes.

Second, I’m working on a story for MayDecember’s Chivalry is Dead anthology, a book made up of all male authors writing zombie stories.  The story I’m working on is going to be the first of a series set in the same world where a zombie infection goes from bad to worse as the dead begin to rise – fast infected zombies vs. dead shufflers!

Third, I’m working on the Xalishan stories.  I might see about getting some of them published in SciFi magazines, but right now I’m holding on to them to put into an anthology of my own.

Finally, I’ve got a move coming up, and lots of legal issues to work through, but I think, or hope anyway, that 2011 will bring good things for me.


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