Happy Holidays

This past weekend was Christmas, and as is tradition, I drove the sixty some odd miles to my home town to spend the day with family.  It’s not that far of a trek, but it always reminds me just how much “nothing” is between cities in Ohio.  My home town is the basis of my fictional Parisville, and while I was home I took a few minutes to drive around and remember the old streets and dirty little houses that make up the village.

When I got to my uncle’s place, I was surprised that my mother had both Eye Witness: Zombie and Bonded by Blood III waiting for me to sign.  She had bought both of them and was so proud that her son had real, honest to goodness published works.  After spending a little time at my uncle’s, I drove to my other grandparents and there both my dad and my grandparents had copies of Eye Witness: Zombie for me to sign!  I felt like a celebrity.

On Sunday I managed a trip to the local mall and was rewarded by finding the first three of Jeff Linsay’s Dexter novels.  I also replaced my copy of Stephen King’s IT, which seems to go missing about once every couple of years, as well as an anthology called The Dead That Walk.  All in all it was a very good day!

Happy Holidays, and don’t forget to visit my two other blogs: Shaking the Foundation, a story blog, and Random Remnants, a blog of stuff from around the net.


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