Professional Review for BBB III

Bonded by Blood III: Languish in Lament has gotten its first professional review, thanks to R. Scott McCoy from Necrotic Tissue.  Scott’s review is available on, but here it is for the click-lazy:

I have had the privilege of reading all 3 of these books and I can clearly state that this third one is the best. There’s only a few weak stories in this collection, which is pretty damn good bang for your buck. Considering most of these men and women are beginning authors, the talent shown here is quite impressive.

My favorite SNM writer is James Cheetham, and he once again doesn’t disappoint with his story, “Frost on the Pane.” I also loved Suzie Bradshaw’s “Devil in Cowboy’s Pajamas.” Kevin McClintock’s haunting zombie story, “Rusty Cage,” had me near tears (thank you for not killing the dog) and Indy McDaniel’s “No One is Coming” had me on the edge of my seat.

I can believe it when Steven Marshall says these authors, like Sierra Brown, and Kay Jakabs, and Alex Rios, and John Arthur Miller, and LaVa Payne, and A.J. Brown – are the “next generation of new horror pioneers.”

If you love horror – if you love GOOD horror – pick up this book, and the other two volumes in this series. You won’t be disappointed.

According to Steven Marshall of SNM Horror Magazine, another review should be coming shortly from Shroud Publishing.


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