The Lovecraft Legacy in Stephen King’s It

As my previous post clearly shows, I love the book IT by Stephen King.  It’s my favorite of all his books, in part because I relate to growing up in a small town as an outcast.  Ben Hanscom and Andrew Black share more than a few similarities.

King is one of my biggest influences, but not my primary influence, not the writer who brought me into the world of horror.  That honor belongs to H.P. Lovecraft.  King is also influenced by Lovecraft, and for a while I have been toying with the idea of cataloging and discussing the references to Lovecraft in King’s It.  Looks like I don’t need to:

Strange Horizons Articles: The Turtle Can’t Help Us: The Lovecraft Legacy in Stephen King’s It, by Margaret L. Carter.

Ms. Carter’s essay is very well written and everything I would have said and more.  It’s one of the better comparisons of King and Lovecraft, one the master of dialog, the other the master of cosmic horror, and worth a read or two.


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