Bookstore Cats

The first bookstore cat I ever met was at Dark Star Books in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  His name was George, though I never really knew him.  I was too young and only got to the store every few months.  But the idea of a cat in a bookstore stuck with me.  The store even has a cat in their logo, and I visit the shop at least four or five times a year.  Mr. Eko is the current guardian of the store, a job he takes quite seriously.

The Guardtower game store in Columbus, Ohio, also has had a number of cats watching over the place.  They lounge above the racks of books and dice on high shelves, bored with the unwashed gamers who pass by beneath.

I saw the below posted on Mental Floss in regards to “Our Reader’s Favorite Bookstore Cats”.  I felt it summed up my feelings perfectly, and honestly whoever “Edward”, the original author of these words, is, they have a knack for writing.

Every bookstore needs a cat. There should be some sort of zoning law. Cats and proper tea and soft, old chairs covered in buttery leather and lamps with green glass shades.


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