Humper-Monkey’s Ghost Stories

I used to be a regular SomethingAwful goon, or at least a lurking goon, as I never posted.  It was on SomethingAwful that I witnessed the birth of the Slender Man.  I was also witness to one of the greatest ghost story threads ever.  A goon (that’s the term for posters on’s forums) by the name of Humper-Monkey shared long, surprisingly well written stories of his time in the military in the mid-1980s, and of the haunted barracks in Germany he’d been assigned.

Humper-Monkey (not his real name, of course) wove a tale of nazi ghosts set against the isolation of a mountain barracks on the border between West and East Germany (for our younger readers, yes, there was a time they were two separate countries).  For someone who claimed not to be a writer, he certainly knew how to tell an entertaining story, and he had plenty of fans who begged him for more.

The text of those stories is available online somewhere, though most of the links I found while writing this didn’t work any more.  However, I was shocked to find that someone had put together the stories in book form and is selling it on Amazon.  These stories are incredible, so I would definitely recommend picking up the book, and from what I can tell this is a collection that the folks at SomethingAwful are aware of.  The same “author” has compiled a book called Goonbumps, a collection of other ghost stories.


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  1. you can also find the stories at the creepypasta Fandom, including the rest of the 50 foot ant series, i recommend everyone that loves a good long and creepy story to read it

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