Conventions of 2011

There are three conventions this year I hope to attend.  I’ll be at one of them at least, hopefully all of them, but it will depend on finances.

The first is Marcon, May 27-29, in Columbus, Ohio.  Marcon is a science fiction and fantasy convention that’s well known for its outrageous parties and surprisingly big name guests for a little con in the Midwest.  This year both F. Paul Wilson and Harry Turtledove will be in attendance and I hope to meet both.

The second convention is Context, August 26-28, also in Columbus.   This is a more writing focused con with L. E. Modesitt, Jr. as the guest of honor.  I’m not particularly familiar with the con, and I hope to rectify that.

The final convention, the one I most hope to attend, is DragonCon, September 2-5, in Atlanta, Georgia.  I’ve been to D*C many times in the past and I really hope to get back down there this year.  It’s expensive, but soooooo worth it.

I won’t be a guest at any of these cons; I’m not a famous writer (yet!) and my pathetic little stories are just getting started.  However, I will be enjoying every con I can make it to, and I hope to post lots of photos and thoughts from each.



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