The Joys of Moving and Two New King Remakes

I’m still in transition to my new place, and it currently doesn’t have an internet connection, so I will be out of contact most of the weekend.  Ah well, peace and quiet, right?

Dear god, please let someone have an unsecured wireless connection…

In other news, it seems remakes of two Stephen King properties are on their way (this in addition to the IT remake that has yet to get off the ground): The Stand is being adapted to a single movie (which makes less sense than IT being done in a single film) and Pet Semetary is being remade.  On the former, I’d say they’re once again trying to put ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag, but on the second, I’m not sure what they want to accomplish.

Pet Semetary was a decent horror movie on its own, with truly scary visuals and a sincere treatment of the novel’s plot.  Sure, it cut some things out, but the story remained the same, and the actors did fit well into their roles.  I’m not sure remaking this property is such a good idea, though at least it’s not as classic as Carrie or Christine.

Personally I’d rather see them develop Duma Key or Cell into a movie than remake Pet Semetary.  Duma Key would be a nice mind-bender, almost like Shutter Island.  Cell would be an excellent zombie movie and is short enough to fit into a movie format.  I’d add Under the Dome, but as South Park once pointed out, “Simpsons did it!”

On the subject of remakes, it’s unfortunate that Hollywood isn’t as interested in remaking King movies that could use a new life.  Firestarter, for example.  The original was o.k., but it really missed a lot of the plot.  Cujo is another example, though I’m not sure how a vicious dog story would play these days.  The Langoliers deserves a better movie, as does The Tommyknockers.

In any event, we’ll see where the film execs head next and what other parts of the 1980s they’ll mine for ideas.


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