Mind Over Matter

I am considering writing a bit of non-fiction about Tina Resch, a girl from Columbus, Ohio who, in 1984, was apparently assailed by poltergeists.  A reporter from the Columbus Dispatch along with his cameraman claimed to have seen evidence of the haunting of the teen, but later investigators found nothing, and worse, Tina was caught tossing a phone across her lap and blaming the spirit.  She claimed she did this because the ghost (or her psychokinetic power) wasn’t cooperating.

Tina’s story doesn’t end with the semi-debunking of her claims.  In 1992, she and her boyfriend were arrested in connection with the death of her three-year-old daughter.  In 1994 she was sentenced to life plus twenty years in prison.  A sad ending to a strange tale.

I find the case fascinating partially because while psychic investigators found no evidence of her powers or a poltergeist, a reporter and cameraman both claimed to have seen events first-hand.  These weren’t men known for occluding the truth.  I also remember the story from the local news when I was a kid and how eerily similar it seemed to the movie Poltergeist.

In any case, when something fascinates me, I tend to research it and eventually either include it in some fashion in a story or work up a good post here for people to read.  Perhaps in the coming days I’ll post a bit of the history of Tina Resch and the ghost that may or may not have haunted her.

In the meantime, here’s what a Google Image Search came up with when I looked for “Mind Over Matter”:

Deteriation of Mind Over Matter by Otto Rapp

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