Smoke Signals

Personal rant time.  On Friday, my ex and I went to T-Mobile to split my line off of her account, which she then upgraded to a contract and got herself and the kids smartphones.  No problem there, but when they split my line, I was no longer eligible for the no-contract plan.  I either had to do a two year contract or pay up front for time.  A bit of backstory, I have had T-mobile for about five years now, been a loyal customer even though T-mobile gets zero reception at my office (every other cell carrier is just fine), and I’ve put up with the whole sidekick backup issue without complaint.  Now they weren’t willing to play ball.  So I said goodbye to T-mobile.

I still needed a telephone as I don’t have a land-line.  My ex and I stopped at Target and I bought a Virgin Mobile Kyocera Loft.  Not the phone I wanted, but one I could afford right now.  I also got a $25 top-up card.  I got home and opened the plastic shell case (thank goodness for razor blades) and tried to set up my new phone.  I clicked the activate button and waited.  It asked if I needed a new phone number, and I clicked yes.  It then told me I had to either call customer service or log on to their website to set up a number.

I had neither another phone line nor an internet connection (Time Warner is scheduled to come out this coming Saturday).  So I was basically screwed.  I kept hoping my ex would stop by on Saturday or Sunday, but she never did, so I spent the weekend with absolutely no means of contacting the outside world.  I was, in effect, reduced to smoke signals.

The phone is working now, after a few missteps on my part.  Now that it’s up and running I have unlimited data and texts, but only 300 minutes of talk time, which is fine with me.  It’s not a bad phone, so I may stick with it for a while.


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