Return of the Slender Man

I wrote a post a while back about the Slender Man, a creation of the SomethingAwful forums and all around creepy monster.  Now I’d like to share a bit more information about the Slender Man.

First, there’s a wiki for Marble Hornets, the Slender Man YouTube video group.  These videos are both creepy and well made for an amateur film maker.

Next up is Slender Man Chronicles, a blogspot blog.  It’s the journal of Rev. L. Don Campbell.  Good reading.

The Slender Man has made it to TV Tropes!  Huzzah!

Finally, I give you Encyclopedia Slendaria, a blog dedicated to Slender Man and all his sightings.

Remember, the Operator is watching. Nowhere is safe.  Avoid the trees, especially at night, and whatever you do, don’t ****-CARRIER LOST-***


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