We have such sights to show you…

The Hellraiser remake is still in production, now looking like it’s headed for a 2012 release date.  I can’t say I’m looking forward to this, though Hellraiser is one of my favorite movie series.  There have been some clunkers in the original series, especially Hell on Earth (3), Deader (7), Hellworld (8), and Revelations (9, and no, it hasn’t come out yet, but it will suck).

However, in the interest of, well, being interesting, here are the Pinheads:

Here’s the original.  Portrayed in eight films by Doug Bradley, this is the Pinhead everyone is used to seeing.  Oddly enough, Pinhead didn’t have a name in the original movie, and never is referred to as “Pinhead” in any of the movies.  He is called simply “Lead Cenobite”, a title that is quite apt.  His design was based on old psychiatrist models that sectioned off the human brain and attempted to put an emotion or function to each region.   This Pinhead was once separated into his human and Cenobite halves, and we learned that he was once a World War I British Army officer named Elliot Spencer.  This human half was eventually purged, leaving only its form for the servant of Leviathan to occupy.  This Pinhead was served by a number of Cenobites, including the classic trio of Chatterer, Butterball and The Female (or Open-Throat, or Lust) .

Say Hello to Pinhead II, actually intended to be the same Pinhead as above.  This is from the upcoming Hellraiser: Revelations and is not from the remake.  This movie will be a direct-to-video dud, made mostly in a vain attempt to hold on to movie rights.

Not too much is known about Pinhead in this movie, though he is played this time by Stephan Smith Collins and not Doug Bradley.  It appears that this Pinhead will have a Chatterer as a follower, this time a female.  Note that the image may be of the character Nico, who is listed as a “pseudo-Pinhead”.  The movie is expected to be released in April, 2011.

Finally, below we have the new Pinhead from the remake.  This one is, as you can see, completely different.  His pins look more self-inflicted, and he shares a bit more in common with Barker’s Tortured Souls actions figures than the original Pinhead.  Again, I don’t have high hopes for this movie, but at least Barker is a producer here and he has stated that the story will be closer to his original tale, The Hellbound Heart.


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