Lemarchand’s Box?

I have always been fascinated by puzzle boxes, probably owing to seeing Hellraiser when I was young.  The Lemarchand’s Box, also known as the Lament Configuration, was like a terrifying version of my Transformer toys.

Now there’s a game that, in a way, recreates Hellraiser, though that wasn’t the intent of the game’s creators, or so I assume.  The game is called Interlocked, and it’s a series of 3D puzzles that require you to slide the puzzle pieces around to take the shapes apart.  The puzzles start out easy enough, but quickly increase in complexity.  After the first fourteen puzzles, you’re presented with the “hard mode” puzzles, which are far more intricate.

It is not hands that call us, it is desire...

The game is addictive, trying to find just the right set of moves to take the pieces apart.  It’s satisfying to see a piece slide correctly into place, and even more satisfying to watch a piece vanish as you remove it.

The music played in the background is soothing, enigmatic, and keeps your frustration level down when you can’t quite figure out how to manipulate the virtual puzzle to release its grip.    The colors are muted, the background plain and unoffensive.  In short, the game lulls you into a state of contentedness as you rotate and shift its phantom blocks.

I hope someone will eventually add a Lament Configuration level to the game, but even without it, Interlocked is well worth a few hours of your time.


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