Writing on a 40″ screen

I recently bought a new television, replacing the old 22″ boat anchor with a sleek 40″ flat screen.  I could rave about the differences, the color and definition of movies, or the better sound system built into the screen, but instead I’ll tell you about my favorite feature.  My new television has a standard PC input, and I moved (dragged) my computer to the living room and hooked it up.  One of the advantages of being a newly minted bachelor, I suppose.

It took a bit to set the display correctly, but now I have a 40″ monitor at my disposal.  There’s something to be said for seeing your writing in letters three inches tall.  I can comfortably sit on my couch and write, without being locked into the office chair that, which initially comfortable, becomes something like a Chinese torture device after an hour or so.  This also gives me the ability to run Netflix over my television, which in turn should lead to more movie reviews in the coming weeks.


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