Silent Hill 2: Needs more Pyramid Head

Silent Hill, first a video game franchise and then a movie of the same name, will soon have a sequel movie to add to the family.  Silent Hill: Revelation is a direct sequel to the first movie and not exactly an adaptation of any of the games.

Silent Hill was one of my favorite horror games for the Playstation and I spent hours wandering around the fog-shrouded streets in both the original and second games.  The movie did a good job of bringing the spirit, if not the letter, or the game to life.  One thing it didn’t do, however, was give Pyramid Head enough screen time.

I understand that the little girl was the “big bad” in the movie, but ever since his premier in Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head has been the face of the franchise.  He does have a couple of good scenes, one where he skins a woman with one hand and another where he’s using his huge sword to good effect, but you never get the feeling that he’s always around the next corner like you do in the games.  He’s the Darth Vader of Silent Hill and he should be the menace that moves the characters along.

With any luck, the new movie will promote Pyramid Head to the proper standing of leading villain, and considering it’s being shot in 3D, we might have some nice sword swinging from the big guy.


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  1. The chap was an object of pure terror at points so the film needs to exploit him more. The sheer amount of YouTube videos dedicated to him show how integral he was to the atmosphere and story of the games.

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