The Coventry Ghost – Haunting or Hoaxing?

A family in Coventry, England, have apparently stepped into a real life version of the movie Poltergeist.  The family has taken video of objects moving on their own, including a pink plastic chair being pulled towards a closet.

The Manning Family

The family asked for assistance after being forced to exit the house via a window because the ghost had locked the doors to the living room, trapping them inside.  A priest gave each of the family blessed crucifixes to wear and blessed the house, though he also advised they move out.

The family dog was apparently killed by the ghost when it was shoved down a flight of stairs, and the children have had numerous experiences of being pulled or pushed by unseen hands.  The family is currently seeking a new residence with the help of their landlord.

The below article is obviously a little more tongue-in-cheek, especially when they include a picture from Ghostbusters, but there is a link to the video so you can watch for yourself.

Is this a real haunting or just a hoax?

Coventry family call in paranormal experts after ‘capturing ghost’ in home video | Mail Online.


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