The original Twin Peaks map

When Twin Peaks was at its height of popularity, I wasn’t much into it.  In fact, I didn’t watch it at all, mostly because at the time I was in High School and more interested in watching Star Trek and Friday the 13th the Series.  A few years back I discovered that CBS (current owners of the property) had put all of the episodes online, and I started watching the show.

Wow.  I mean, I knew David Lynch was an incredible director and writer, but Twin Peaks just blew me away.  The story balances mystery with a clearly supernatural element in a way that doesn’t make either a ridiculous side story.  For the entire first season you simply can’t tell who the murderer is.  And while the mystery is “solved” early in the second season, there’s a lot more going on, including David Duchovny in drag.  Many people were turned off by the second season, but I enjoyed it and was sorry to see such an excellently presented story come to such a sudden end.

There was something about the show that got under your skin.  So when I saw on I09 today the original map David Lynch presented to ABC to sell the show, I had to share it.

Twin Peaks Map

For comparison, here’s another map from the show:

Pretty darn close!

For more info: Check out David Lynch’s original map of Twin Peaks.


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