Do you live in a cave?

Some people in France did up until the 1900s.  The Barry Troglodyte Village overlooks the Rhone Valley near Lyons.  The caves are neolithic ruins that were inhabited since before recorded history up till about a hundred years ago when the last occupant, a widow, was convinced to move out after a collapse killed her neighbors.

What’s interesting is that these cave dwellings were built as a defensive position on the hills of the valley, a proto-castle if you will.  Over the centuries, the caverns were carved and refined, but they still retain the look of an ancient ruin.

My favorite part of the village is the below skull face:

It just floors me to think that these caves have been in use as domiciles for longer than any nation has existed, that they survived the violence of World War I and World War II, and are still there today, waiting for people to return to the earth.


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