Zombie survival car? How about everything-survival car!

Meet the Marauder, the toughest 4-wheeled vehicle on the planet, literally.  Top Gear, the UK tv show (with an American version as well) went in search of the world’s most unstoppable vehicle, and they found it in this South African wondermobile.

The Marauder is a ten ton monster, available to the public for about half a million dollars.  Able to withstand just about anything you throw at it short of a tactical nuke, this bad boy can seat eight and has weapon hard points, gun ports and a top turret similar to the Humvee.  It has enough horsepower to drag a truck trying to tow it away or to climb over cars, as you can see below.

The nuclear symbol on the spare tire is just awesome

The windows are 9cm thick and permanently sealed save for the tiny gun ports.  They are able to withstand a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade.  If that’s not enough, during the testing of this vehicle they placed seven pounds of plastic explosives under the Marauder and set it off to see what would happen.  The results?  A flat rear tire and a ding on one of the panels.  A Humvee went through the same test and was completely destroyed.

This vehicle can smash through walls, take fire like a tank, and still drive home for supper.  My only question is, does it come in black?


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