The Fourth of July Horror Movies

It’s almost the 4th and that means horror movies!  What?  You can’t think of any that take place on or around the 4th?  Well let me help you out.

Cape Fear – not a supernatural horror film, but still scary as hell.  Cape Fear tells the tale of a recently released rapist’s revenge on the public defender who caused him to end up in jail.

I Know What You Did Last Summer – this Scream clone is set around the 4th.

Return of the Living Dead – one of my favorite zombie movies of all time takes place around the 4th of July.

Independence Day – not strictly horror here, though the scene with the President and the alien behind the glass is pretty scary.

Jaws – the granddaddy of them all, the shark attacks start just before the 4th of July, and of course the public attack happens on the 4th itself.

There are some other low budget films, Uncle Sam and Killed on the Fourth of July, but stick to the good stuff above.


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