Two for one special on bad news

First, Ron Howard’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower into three movies and two seasons of TV has been dropped by Universal.  This sucks, but it’s possible that the series will be picked up by a different studio.  We’re talking about Ron Howard and Stephen King here – they have the chops for this.  Perhaps if the new season of Walking Dead does well on AMC, we’ll see studios more open to including TV shows as tie ins to other media.

Second, and worse news, is that Zombieland 2 is probably dead.  They don’t have a script, and the longer they wait, the less likely a new movie will be.  This is really awful news, as the first movie was just the right sort of “zomcom”.

I eagerly await word that The Avengers is being scrapped, or that The Walking Dead is cancelled, or maybe we’ll just have some Hollywood execs kicking puppies off of bridges later this afternoon.


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