I’m fairly certain my apartment is haunted

I think my apartment is haunted.

O.k., so for me, that’s a pretty big revelation.  As I’ve stated before, I’m fairly atheistic, though I would qualify that by saying I don’t believe in a higher intelligence designing the universe or mankind in specific, while I am open to the concept of the supernatural (or rather, “stuff science hasn’t figured out yet”).  But I’m pretty sure my apartment has a ghost.

Not this kind of ghost, though that would be AWESOME!

I may also simply be suffering from sleep paralysis.  I’m aware that what I’ve experienced has been similar to the symptoms of that disorder.  Still, I’m a guy who writes spooky stories, and it’s close to Halloween, so why not engage in a bit of fancy here.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

  1. A few months ago I awoke in the middle of the night to what I could have sworn was the smoke detector going off in the hallway outside my bedroom. As I leaped out of bed, I swear I saw two people, one crouched low, one standing, at my bedroom door.  I was so sure I saw them, and that they were robbers stealing stuff from my apartment, that I yelled “No!” and instantly grabbed for the sword I keep in the corner for just such occasions (some people have a baseball bat, I happen to have a 440 stainless steel ninja-to…tomat-oh, tomah-to).  Of course once I got my glasses on and checked out the apartment, there was no sign of anyone, no sign of a break in, and the smoke alarm was not going off.
  2. Numerous times I’ve come home to discover my shower curtain pulled closed.  I usually leave it open after my morning shower (yes, I know I shouldn’t, but I do anyway).  It’s just subtle, but I notice when all of the sudden it’s closed when I can’t remember closing it.
  3. My cat has a tendency to avoid certain areas of the house.  For instance, she doesn’t like crossing the threshold into my bedroom.  She’s fine in the room itself once she’s in, but she’ll hunch up her back and hop inside past the doorway for some reason.  She also is fascinated by the stairs leading down to the first floor door (I live on the second floor), though that could just be silly kitty behavior.
  4. I have several times awoken unable to breathe.  Now, this sounds like sleep apnea, which I have had in the past, but I have never, ever, woken up choking until I moved into this apartment.
  5. Twice when waking up choking I could swear I saw something in the room. The first time, I couldn’t make it out.  The second, it appeared to be a wheelchair beside my bed.  Since I don’t own a wheelchair, that’s pretty unusual.  These phantoms disappear by the time I get myself breathing again.

That’s the story of my haunted apartment.  Sounds crazy to me, but hey, crazy isn’t always a bad thing.


2 thoughts on “I’m fairly certain my apartment is haunted

Add yours

  1. Hey, Andrew – meant to leave you a comment after you dropped this into the FARK scary stories thread, but forgot to get back to you…Nice blog, and I’m looking forward to keeping up with your literary exploits.
    Sucks about the break-in…hope your month gets better from here.
    And you’re right, crazy ain’t always bad…

  2. my mom’s cat does the same thing with the threshold to my mom’s house. this is the same house that I saw an apparition in when i was younger. The house in which my sister was terrified to sleep in her bedroom alone and so moved in with our grandmother because her room at our parents’ house felt too wrong.

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