Real Horror – OWS protester in Oakland injured by police

I try not to tread into politics on this blog, but I am pretty liberal and I do support the goals of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  I was astonished and dismayed by the video of protesters in Oakland being hit with tear gas, bean bag shot and flashbang grenades.  When I learned that not only was one of the protesters gravely injured, but also that the police proceeded to throw a concussive grenade into the midst of the people trying to help the man, I felt very angry.  It’s thoroughly unconscionable for people who are there to “serve and protect” to not only injure an unarmed protester who is exercising their first amendment rights, but also to then use further “non-lethal” attacks on the people trying to help him.

What I find most hideous in all of this is that over the past three years, there have been numerous Tea Party protests where people have openly carried firearms, and yet police in riot gear were nowhere to be seen.  Now that the interests of the 1% are no longer being catered to, suddenly the police show up in force and proceed to use whatever means necessary to break up the protests.  It’s more than a double standard, it’s completely hypocritical and any and all officers involved in this situation should be tried for attempted murder.

Apparently this nation did not learn its lesson with Kent State back in the 1970s.  As a born, raised and still resident Ohioan, I can tell you that people here, 40 years later, still remember.  It’s time for the government at all levels to accept that the right-wing has taken it over for far too long, and that you cannot stifle the first amendment rights of the OWS protesters while paying lip service to the Tea Party.

I don’t want to see violence, but if the police and the government as a whole continues to ignore the growing unrest among the populace…well, we saw how this all played out in France a couple hundred years ago.  Guillotines aren’t expensive to manufacture…


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  1. Theres a reason why riot police isn’t out for the Tea Party but it is there for OWS, and it has nothing to do with the silly classwarfare 1% rhetoric. Its because the Tea Party crowd doesn’t include a destructive element. Carrying guns or not (I wouldn’t mind seeing some evidence on that claim btw) they aren’t likely to destroy property or become violent with law enforcement.

    OWS contains the same anarchist element that often protests economic summits and ends up trashing businesses and vehicles and tossing bottles and rocks at cops. Thats not to say the entire OWS movement is made up of these types, its not. But those types filter in and hide among them and usually set things off like cowards.

    Also, the Tea Party isn’t big on civil disobedience. We have a Constitutional right to speak but not at the detriment of others. Finding a patch of land to protest on is nice. But blocking off streets and bridges or impeding businesses isn’t free speech. Its civil disobedience – law breaking to make a point. When you break laws cops are more likely to get involved. When you have a large group of people breaking laws cops are going to prepare with more force.

    Now I’m not a Tea Partier. I’m a moderate. I’m pro gay marriage, pro relaxing drug laws among other things. But I can, without a biased eye, see the difference in the group makeups and tactics. And I can be honest about it. Grandma and some 60 something year old white men aren’t threatening while listening to a Glen Beck speech on a fair ground. A bunch of tatted up 20 somethings with anarchy shirts blocking an intersection?

    Knock it off with the “rich people suck” paranoia. Its silly and naive.

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