Scary Pictures (aka, when you see it…)

I’m a sucker for “When you see it…” pictures.  These are usually pics that have something weird or out of place in them that you won’t see unless you look closely.

Huffington Post has a couple of good ones I thought I’d share.

Here’s the first:

Looks like a nice, normal pic of some people enjoying a bright, sunny day, right?  Look again, between the two girls.

Here’s a second pic, no help this time:


2 thoughts on “Scary Pictures (aka, when you see it…)

Add yours

  1. The first one gave me a little drop in my stomach when I finally saw the face. Eep. The second one is cool, but somehow didn’t give me a chill.

    This photo always gave me epic jibblies:
    (sorry about linking to WND; it was the best version of the photo I could find at the moment)

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