Baptism for the dead – this would make a killer horror movie

You may or may not have heard about the controversial ritual that Mormons have been practicing for a while that “baptizes” dead folks by proxy.  The controversy stems from the fact that they were doing this with Holocaust victims, and some folks had a problem with that.  It was mostly taken care of in the 1990s when the LDS church promised not to do it anymore without family permission, but it’s apparently still going on, and with this being an election year with one of the frontrunners being a Mormon, it’s come back into the spotlight.

Regardless of which side of the argument you fall into, you have to admit, this sounds like a great plot for a horror movie.  Picture this: a standard Mormon baptismal ritual, the proxy standing in for the dead, when all the sudden they are violently flung about the room, killing them.  With their dying breath, the proxy tells the others that the dead are coming, and they are angry.  That night, the dead around the world who were posthumously baptized rise from the grave and begin descending upon Salt Lake City.  At first, the world’s governments try to stop the dead, but it’s no use, and eventually they decide it’s better not to stand between the dead and their objective.  The church begins to fortify their temples, while the zombies march on.  Those not involved stand and watch as the dead begin their assault.

Will the Latter Day Saints defeat the dead?  Will the dead eat tasty Mormon brains?  Will an apology be given that causes the dead to fall over and cease their assault?  Or is it too late for an apology?

Sounds like a better storyline than most SyFy movies, don’t you think?


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