Well crap, I can’t write today…random thoughts

I’m writing this post mostly to force myself to write.  Four or five times now I’ve tried to start a post here or on Fark, and I’ve stopped, erased it all, and just moved on.  Why?  I just kinda feel like I can’t get my point across today.

It’s a really weird feeling.  It’s kinda like second guessing, but at the same time it’s mostly from a feeling of “meh, I don’t really care this much about this.”

Regardless, I’m making this post, so let’s talk about something, damn it!

First off, there’s a new trailer for the Avengers out today.  I’d link to it, but you’ve probably already seen it.  It’s fairly awesome.  My worries that this film just wouldn’t work have been somewhat relieved.

Second, I guess I should admit I fell off the wagon for a while…I re-activated my World of Warcraft account.  I know it was a mistake, but it felt good for a while!  But I’ve managed to force myself to quit with nothing more than a $15 hole in my checking account as damages.  To be honest, I played the game for several nights straight, and while it was kinda nostalgic fun, I realized it was just the same old crap I left.  Lots of monotonous tasks repeated over and over.

Third, I realized I’m really attracted to one of my co-workers.  Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend and is also about 10 years younger than me.  Oh well, life goes on, and honestly I’m in a good place without anyone right now.  Someday I’ll want to find someone, but I’m not sure I should be in any hurry.

Finally, to end this silly post, I have a job interview on Friday, which would completely shoot down the whole co-worker attraction anyway if I get the job.

That’s all for now.  Maybe later I’ll actually get some real writing done.


One thought on “Well crap, I can’t write today…random thoughts

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  1. I like posts where you have nothing specific to talk about, but you feel the need to write anyway. That, sir, is dedication. I’m really looking forward to The Avengers!

    Good luck with your interview on Friday. If it doesn’t work out, at least you’ve still got some 10-years-younger eye candy.

    B x

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