Hellraiser comics…Pinhead replaced…where the hell was I?

O.k., so I admit that my sources for comic book information are…thin…these days.  That’s mostly because I don’t go to the local comic book shop any more (for personal reasons).  I may have to try to find another in town, because I’ve just learned that I’ve missed out on about a year’s worth of Hellraiser comics by none other than Clive Barker!  From what I’ve gathered, one of the main plot points is that Pinhead, our lovable cenobite hero, has been cast out of hell and replaced by his nemesis, Kirsty Cotton.  Now Pinhead is human again, a man out of time (he was originally from the 1920s, you may recall) and out of his element.

My question is…where the hell was I that I missed this?  I’ve been watching for news on the Scarlet Gospels (the Lord of Illusions/Hellraiser crossover novel), and somehow missed this?  Damn it, I hate when that happens.

Actually, scratch that, I love it when I find something new that I can sink into without having to wait.  But it’s still annoying to discover something I should be up on slipped my information net.

It appears I’ll have something to track down and look forward to.  Expect a post once I get my grubby paws on the back issues (or, if there is one, the collection).


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