Word of the Day: Tnetennba

You may or may not be a fan of The IT Crowd.  If you are not, and have watched more than two episodes, piss off.  If you are not, and you’ve never seen it, go watch it.  All four series are up on Netflix, it’s only 24 episodes at less than 30 minutes each.  If you are a fan, you already know what the word means.  Well, actually, you may not.  Because it wasn’t a word until Moss used it on Countdown.

Much like my previous Word of the Day, this is a word that isn’t quite…well..real.  It’s more like a word that was used to describe itself, once people started to decide how to define it.  You see, Tnetennba means, “a word you have to look up on the internet to see if it’s real.”  It’s tautology, a circular reference.  And it’s a perfect, perfect word.  It has no other meaning, and has no meaning itself except to refer to its own meaning.

It’s like dividing by zero with words.

I seriously love this word and hope to use it more and more.  Of course, then it becomes a standard, accepted definition, but that’s the price you pay for inventing a recursive loop word.


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  1. There would be a changing with the guard. With “Paranormal Activity 2” opening on Friday, a
    lot of people are pondering precisely what it will likely be about.

    This viral video became a National Geographic documentary.

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