One Week Until Marcon

It’s T-minus seven days until Marcon, the central Ohio equivalent to Atlanta’s Dragoncon.  Marcon’s not as big, but it’s right in my back yard, so no eight hour drive to get to it!

I’m really looking forward to going this year.  Technically it will be my first year of going, even though I have lived here in Columbus for better than a dozen years.  I’m taking my crappy digital camera so I hopefully will have some costume and crowd shots to post afterwards.  If anyone is attending, let me know.  I’d love to meet some of my readers face to face.

I will not be dressing up this year.  I do have a very nicely made Jedi costume, complete with robe and an EL lightsaber (the kind that lights up and you can actually swing around and hit things with).  However, I’m also going alone…and honestly, it’s just not a lot of fun to go cosplaying by yourself.

I intend to buy lots of geek swag, but my wish list is for stuff most folks would find unusual.  First, I’m really hoping to find some cool stickers.  My reasoning is simple: I have a new laptop, it needs adorned with awesome stickers.  I’m particularly hoping for some Mass Effect N7 stickers, but I’d be happy enough with a nice Autobot decal or maybe a Cthulhu.  I’d also like to find a bumper sticker for my car, or a Cthulhu fish.

I will literally stab someone to death for one of the Dark Horse Comics Normandy models.  Sure I could buy it online…but stabbing someone would be more fun.  Along those lines, a new sharp pointy may be in my future, especially if I find a dealer with Bleach swords.

But buying swag is not my only goal!  I’ll also be attending several panels.  On Friday I hope to catch the “How to be Edited” panel from 5:30 to 6:30, then the Bronies panel (fuck yeah, bronies!) maybe…but I definitely want to catch Rocky Horror – the Fishnet Mafia are a great bunch and I’ve seen the show at Studio 35 several times.  As an old cast member from the days of the “Front Row Players” at Graceland Twin Cinema, I love seeing the younger generation taking on the roles.  Plus it’s Rocky…chances of finding someone to hook up and get laid at a room party increase remarkably.

Not that it’s all about sex (and swag).

O.k., it’s all about sex (and swag).

Anyway, excitement is rising.  Hope to see people there.


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