Hellraiser TV show? Uh…o.k.

I09.com found an interesting tidbit at the bottom of an article in Variety.  Apparently, RHI Entertainment (whoever the hell that is), which is now known as Sonar Entertainment, is developing a television show based on the Hellraiser movies.

Two things immediately spring to mind.  The first is that you can’t possibly do justice to Hellraiser in a TV show unless it’s on HBO or another pay cable channel so you can have all the blood and violence necessary.  The second is that I would have said the same thing about Nightmare on Elm Street, and yet they managed to do a show that wasn’t half bad.  Maybe that’s teenage nostalgia, but heck, if they can get Kruegar to work on network tv, maybe Pinhead on cable would be o.k.

Honestly, though, I’d really rather they reboot the whole franchise with a movie closer to The Hellbound Heart, though with Pinhead, because he is actually rather awesome (and isn’t exactly in the original story, at least not as the Pinhead we all know and love).


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