Achievement Unlocked: Attend MARCON 2012

I’m currently sitting in the food court of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  Since I live about five minutes away, you’d think that wouldn’t be a big deal, but you’d be wrong.  First, you have to brave the construction to get here, and then you have to try to find your way through the very confusion Hyatt lobby.  It’s like finding your way to Mordor…one does not simply walk, rock or otherwise saunter in.

But I made it!  After many years of saying I would come, I have finally made it to the Ohio version of a geek convention.  Unfortunately, I also got here way early, not realizing the dealer’s room, one of the primary reasons for coming, doesn’t open until 3pm.  Well, that SUCKS.  But at least it gives me time to blog, write, and share observations.

First observation – lots of folks who work downtown come here to eat.  That’s not surprising, actually.  I worked downtown for about a year and in that time I came to know all the restaurants that didn’t cost $30 for lunch.

Second observation – there’s a comic book shop in the hotel here.  It’s small, but hey, they’re open and the dealers are not, so they might just get some of my money early!

Third observation – I might look pretentious sitting here with my laptop while people eat.  Perhaps relocating to the coffee shop might be a good idea.  They might have electrical outlets too…which is a problem with having a large laptop.

Fourth observation – hot geek girl in brown leather coat and ponytails…connection lost….er…where was I?  Oh yes, I should probably find a power outlet.


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