MARCON 47 Day One Report

I had a great day yesterday.  I watched the Goonies, attended two writing panels, and bought lots of swag.  More importantly, I met up with old friends.  That, more than anything, was the best part of the day.

I ran into a couple I used to know years ago…they were married and had two beautiful daughters.  They said something that really made my day; they told me that they were coming up on their sixteenth anniversary, and it was all because I and my friends helped get them together and keep them together.

Next, I happened to bump into Curtis.  Curtis is…well, a comedian.  Literally, or at least he used to be.  We used to hang out about thirteen years ago at a bar called Outland.  Outland still exists, in its 4th incarnation.

Finally, and most importantly, I ran into the deliriously beautiful Morgan.  Unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture of her loveliness (she was wearing a corset that showed of…well, more than enough!).  If I find one, I’ll upload it.  She and I hung out for several hours and plan to hook up today, where I’ll get to meet her fiance.  Sigh, all the good ones are taken.

Now for a quick swag report.  Three t-shirts: one Marcon specific, one Cthulhu specific, and one Brony shirt.  Two Star Wars action figures: Darth Revan and Darth Malak!  I picked these two up for $15…for both!  One giant foam Cthulhu D12 complete with Cthulhu shaped rubber bands.  And last, but not least, an 11th Doctor Mini-fig set with Tardis!

More to come today.


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