Too Cool: Samara from Mass Effect cosplayed by…Samara from Mass Effect

While I was partying at Marcon, there was another tiny convention this last weekend: PAX East.  PAX, or the Penny Arcade Expo, is one of the big video game-centric cons, and it always brings in lots of cosplayers.  This year it was also where Bioware faced down its angry fans for the first time, which they chose to do by using ringers in their audience (shame, shame Bioware).

However, this makes up for that: this is Rana McAnear, the actress who was the basis for the character Samara (and her psycho daughter, Morinth) in Mass Effect 2 (and 3, though she’s more of a cameo in 3).  She’s cosplaying.  She’s cosplaying AS SAMARA.  This is officially awesome. I’ll let the pictures do the talking now.

O.k., the last is from Mass Effect 2, but you have to admit, seeing the real actress in a costume of the character is just awesome.

Here’s a video from Now give me Jennifer Hale dressed up as FemShep and we have a deal; no more Bioware hate ever!


2 thoughts on “Too Cool: Samara from Mass Effect cosplayed by…Samara from Mass Effect

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  1. Rana McAnear was the face model that they based Samara’s face on.

    Samara was voiced by Maggie Baird and Morinth was voiced by Natalia Cigliuti

    The only characters who had the same voice actor and face model were Miranda Lawson and Diana Allers (though I’d use voice ‘actor’ very loosely in Diana Allers case)

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