It’s the goddamned future – asteroid mining!

James Cameron (yes, THAT James Cameron) and Google are teaming up to…mine asteroids.  Holy hell.

This might sound like pie in the sky thinking, but it’s been long established that near-Earth asteroids could potentially be mined for resources.  It works just about the same as settling does on Earth – find a source of water first.  Then find precious metals and gems (gold, platinum, and even diamonds might be common on NEAs) and mine the shit out of them.  Basically EVE Online.

So we don’t have flying cars, but at least we’re moving in the right direction again.  Future, welcome back.  We have missed you.

Of course, I’d be terribly remiss not to mention that this is how a LOT of space horror films start.  Mining asteroids leads to discovering monsters…whether it’s the Inseminoid or killer robots.


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