Time for something spooky

True spooky story time.

I live at the back of an apartment complex.  Basically it’s a maze of streets that wind around buildings until you finally get to the very back stretch, which borders a small wooded lot that is owned by the city and technically a park, though no one really goes there.  There is a small office complex on the west side, a small pond and open field on the east, my apartment on the north and some warehouses on the south.  It’s actually very nice, and much better than living in any of the other buildings that just face each other.

My apartment is on the second floor, so I can see out into the woods from all of my windows.  One night I was sitting on my couch, watching something on TV, when I happened to look to my left out the window.  In the woods, maybe fifty yards in, and about twenty feet up, were two red glowing dots.  I grinned at the fact that they looked like eyes out there in the woods, but clearly had to be traffic lights from the other side of the office complex.  I paid them no more attention and later, after I had shifted on the couch, I couldn’t see them any more.

I noticed the “eyes” in the woods several more times, always when I was on a specific end of the couch, and as always I figured they were traffic lights.

About two weeks ago I came to a realization.  The lights in the woods were always red.  They didn’t change to yellow or green, and they didn’t flash.  They just burned constantly red, like two specks of color in the black night.  I decided to grab my cell phone and take a picture. I couldn’t tell for sure if I got them, but I held the phone up and clicked the camera button.  As I fiddled with the phone to send the pic to my email account so I could blow it up on my laptop, I noticed that the red dots were gone.

The picture appeared in my email and I opened it up with the standard Windows 7 image browser.  I could see the dark patch of the woods through the window, and there were the two red lights.  I zoomed in a few times, but all I could tell was that they were red dots, nothing else.  I had them centered on my laptop screen and looked up to see if I could find them in the dark outside the window again.  No luck.  I looked back to my laptop…

…and the dots had moved.  They were closer to the top of the screen.  They had been centered, almost perfectly, but now they were closer to the top, almost like a pair of eyes looking up.  I figured I’d just bumped it or something, so I moved them down closer to the center, stood up and went to the kitchen to get a soda.  When I got back, the red dots were more to the right, in the direction of the kitchen, as if they were following me.  I shook my head, left the laptop where it was on the coffee table in front of the couch, and went to find a DVD to watch from the case on the opposite side of the couch.  I looked up and the dots were on the left side now.

I blinked, looked again, but definitely the red splotches seemed to have moved.  I felt a bit of a cold chill run down my spine, but I figured it had to just be either my imagination or maybe something funky with the image viewer.  I put the DVD in and sat back on the couch.  The lights were centered on the screen again.  I must have imagined it all.  I looked around for the DVD remote and saw it on top of a pile of notebooks under the coffee table.  I reached down and snagged it, and when I looked up the image was zoomed in several more times, the red dots looking like pixelated eyes staring angrily at me.

I quickly closed the image file and deleted it from my desktop.  For good measure, I deleted the email with it attached and the image from my phone.  That was, as I said, about two weeks ago.  I  haven’t seen the lights out in the woods since.  But despite emptying my trash bin on my laptop a couple of times since then, the image file is still there.  I swear I’ve deleted it, but it keeps coming back.  I’m kind of afraid to open it.  I don’t know what would be in that picture now, and I don’t know if opening it would let it go back to the woods where it came from.

As I write this the file is sitting just under this window…but it seems to be bleeding through, the icon that is.  Like I could click it now.  I wonder what would happen. Maybe I’ll tr


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