Mass Effect Multiplayer has swallowed my soul

I’ve been playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer for the past few weeks and I have to say, it’s dulled the pain of the horrible single player ending.  While just a generic horde mode, the fact that it isn’t “generic army dude” or “generic army dude…in SPACE” makes it a lot more fun for me.  There are, of course, human soldiers in the multiplayer game, but there are a lot of aliens, and the alien races actually outshine the humans in most cases.

It’s always boggled my mind that none of the big publishers have taken a successful franchise and broken it off to make an FPS/TPS combat game.  For example, Resident Evil.  Sure, there’s Left 4 Dead, which might as well be Resident Evil FPS, but wouldn’t it be cool to play as STARS or Umbrella Corp members fighting against zombies?  Or possibly each other while zombies try to kill you too!  There was a Star Wars shooter, the much acclaimed Dark Forces, but that series has been basically dead for years now and the switch to Jedi from smuggler really changed the game entirely, and it never really had a co-op mode.

Personally, I think it’d be a great idea, for example, if EA created “Mass Effect: Battlefield”.  Get the Battlefield folks to build the engine, get the art department from Bioware to do the characters and backgrounds.  It’s not like this hasn’t happened already – the “vs Capcom” series is a perfect example.

Maybe I’m wrong and the games would suck, but it just seems like if you have a good, well recognized brand, why not use it?


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