Iron Man 3 Spoiler

O.k., spoiler alert here…

No, really…this is a big spoiler.

It appears that a very surprising villain is in the cast of Iron Man 3, and I don’t mean Ben Kingsley as Mandarin.  Nope, it appears that the Iron Patriot is showing up.

For those who don’t read the comics or just need a refresher, Iron Patriot was the code name for none other than Norman Osborne when he took over from Tony Stark as head of SHIELD (renamed to HAMMER) after Secret Invasion.  Now, that doesn’t mean the person in the suit in Iron Man 3 will be Norman – he’s tied up with Sony as a Spider-Man character – but the concept of basically an evil version of Iron Man wearing red, white and blue colors certainly opens up a lot of possibilities.  After all, in a media driven world, how would it look for Iron Man to be beating this guy up?

Also, wouldn’t you love to see Captain America make a cameo beating this guy up?  Probably won’t happen, but a Cap/Iron Patriot fight would allow for this iconic image to show up in the movies:

Technically that’s not Iron Patriot, it’s a re-color of the end of Civil War, but it was sort of the inspiration for Iron Patriot, and it’s pretty damned cool.


2 thoughts on “Iron Man 3 Spoiler

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  1. Cool! Rumor has it that Gwyneth Paltrow could take the mantle of the armored superheroine Rescue. It makes sense if you consider the amount of villains involved: Coldblood 7, Firepower, The Mandarin… Robert Downey Jr. need all the help he can get!

  2. I saw this rumour floating around the web – so is it confirmed as being true? If so, good point about the PR problems with fighting a guy in an American flag suit, lol. Although I also read that Tony Stark is going to spend at least half the movie out of his suit for an unspecified reason – maybe it’s because of Iron Patriot guy?

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