Mass Effect Multiplayer – Rebellion DLC

Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer has released its second DLC, Rebellion, plus a new patch.  Here’s my thoughts on this since I’ve admitted that I play ME3MP way too much.

First, let’s talk about what came with Rebellion – six new characters and three new weapons, a fourth gear slot with permanent gear cards, and two new maps.  That’s not bad for a price tag of FREE.  Now, I’m not sure if having two free DLCs was actually in the ME3 project plan or if Bioware has put them out as damage control for the awful ending and the anger it stirred, but the honest truth is, I like free stuff.

The new characters are as follows:

  • Vorcha Soldier
  • Vorcha Sentinel
  • Human Adept (Phoenix…aka ex-Cerberus)
  • Human Vanguard (Phoenix as well)
  • Male Quarian Engineer (Male is now a race)
  • Male Quarian Infiltrator

Of those six, five will rock your face off.  The only mediocre offering is the new Human Adept, and that’s mostly a function of Singularity needing to be renamed Lol-ilarity.  It honestly sucks and doesn’t syngergize with the adept’s other powers, Lash and Smash.  The Vanguard also gets Lash and Smash, but they have Biotic Charge and the combination of those powers and an AOE heavy melee that can be tuned to be as powerful as the regulard Vanguard Nova attack makes them god-like.  Lash gives them an excellent ranged attack that can insta-kill scrub mobs.  Smash will take a mighty fine chunk out of mini-bosses – two Smashes will fell a Silver Brute.

The Vorcha are right there with the new Vanguard in terms of awesomeness.  Both the Soldier and Sentinel share two powers: Flamer, which gives you a hella-cool flamethrower, and Bloodlust, which is a tech-armor like always-on power that essentially powers up the Vorcha the more they kill.  It also turns them into Wolverine – no, seriously, they have an awesome regular melee attack with omni-claws and their heavy melee will slice heads off most mobs.  The Flamer, though, is really where it’s at – it melts bad guys so well that Vorcha are basically the go to guys for anything with armor.  They can also mass kill those annoying Ravager babies.  The Soldier pics up Carnage, an o.k. power, but generally unnecessary, and the Sentinel has Cluster Grenade, similar to the Drell Vanguard power.

The two Male Quarians are both excellent additions to their class.  The Engineer forgoes the usual drone for Tech-Scan, which gives the whole group a bonus against scanned enemies.  Slap that on a Banshee and she drops quick.  They also have Arc Grenade, which is basically a super powerful chain overload, and the ever useful Incinerate.  The Infiltrator also has Tech-Scan, Tactical Cloak, and Arc Grenades.  Tech-Scan plus Tac-Cloak bonus makes these infiltrators extremely deadly.

The three weapons are the Reegar Carbine, the Krysae Sniper Rifle and the Cerberus Harrier.  I can’t speak about the Harrier as I don’t have it yet, but it’s a full auto version of the Mattock.  However, I can and will sing the praises of the other two guns, even as butt-hurt posters on other sites bitch about them being overpowered.  the Reegar Carbine has crappy range, maybe 7m, and very limited ammo so you have to stay near a refresh station…but it also absolutely melts the face off of any enemy on the field.  Literally – it melts mobs in a wash of blue-white electricity.  Ammo clips will go very fast, but what you hit will die horribly.  The Krysae is basically a sniper grenade launcher and by god, for the first time I can play an Infiltrator and not suck.  The gun is very, very powerful and can be fire from the hip, and it will pretty much kill anything it even grazes.  It’s an AOE Black Widow, and while some whiners have a problem with that, I have been enjoying blasting the ever living hell out of things without getting a migraine trying to line crap up in a shaky scope that often isn’t right anyway because of lag.

Next up we got two new maps – Firebase Jade and Firebase Goddess.  Firebase Jade is basically the STG “rescue the female Krogan” level from single player.  It’s pretty cool, with several tiers and some sneaky passages.  I think it could be the next Firebase White/Geth/Gold – there’s a perfect choke/shelter on the map.  Firebase Goddess is a map I haven’t played.  I didn’t even realize that until I began writing this paragraph.  I’ve been stuck in Condor/Hydra/Jade games.

Whew…that’s about it.  So what did we learn?  One, that new guns are fucking awesome.  So are most new characters.  Second, BW is serious about supporting multiplayer for now.  Third, some people will whine and complain no matter what.

And let’s talk about that whining.  The new guns and classes in the Rebellion clearly are a step up in terms of damage and tactics.  That’s not a bad thing – you have to have new, more powerful stuff to keep people interested.  Most of the people who complain about things being “OP” should consider the following points:

  1. The number of gold players is a very, very tiny percent of the total people playing – most people want the game to be easier, not harder.
  2. It’s a co-op game…nothing, by definition, is overpowered if the goal is for the team to win.  There’s that old saying about no “I” in “TEAM”, but folks on Bioware Social Network don’t seem to understand this.
  3. If it pushes you to play even harder, then it’s making you that much better.  Deal with it.  Resting on your laurels leads to poor play.

Anyway, the DLC is pretty awesome, even if some people do complain.

Now a quick word about the patch – most were welcome fixes, though the Kishock rifle got nerfed, and in a way that doesn’t make much sense.  Basically all the mini-bosses now have no heads.  Literally, you cannot get headshot damage on any of them.  Why?  I have no idea.  That doesn’t make sense and it also makes it more “spam everything” than strategy in dealing with the mini-bosses.

Also, I had to contact EA support this week to get my Operation:Shieldwall commendation pack.  It took maybe five minutes and the guy was extremely helpful.  I can’t say enough good things about how quickly and easily everything was resolved.  Other companies could take a lesson.


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